The rtl-sdr device is a DVB-T dongle based on the Realtek RTL2832U.
For more information about the rtl-sdr please visit http://osmocom.org/projects/sdr/wiki/rtl-sdr.

Table of contents

Supported Hardware

Basically all rtl-sdrs with the Realtek chipset RTL2832U are supported. These are available under many different names at Amazon or eBay.


If you start welle.io without any options welle.io will detect the rtl-sdr device automatically. After enabling the “Expert mode” you can check if welle.io detects the device successfully. welle-io-rtlsdr.png

Windows set up

To install the rtl-sdr on your Windows 10 system please follow the steps:

  • Navigate to your welle.io install folder e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\welle.io
  • Run “zadig_2.3.exe”
  • Choose “Options” and click to “List All Devices” Zadig_List_All.png

  • Select your rtl-sdr e.g. “RTL2838UHIDIR” Zadig_Select_SDR.png

  • Make sure that “WinUSB (…)” is selected and click to “Reinstall Driver” or “Replace Driver” Zadig_Install_Driver.png

  • Now you can check if you device is listed in the device manager Zadig_Device_Manager.png

  • Run welle.io

Linux set up

Just install the library librtlsdr.
For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later you can use the following command

# sudo apt install librtlsdr0